New Rules Added

So dh has decided that our rule about bed time and get up on time is back!

My bed time is 10:00p. If I am late going to bed I may have to go to bed early the next night.

My get up time is at 6:00a. This is so I can do some chores, spend time with my husband before we have to be at work, make breakfast for us and talk to you ladies.If I am late getting up it is one swat for each minute that I am late getting out of bed, and I may even have to get up early the next morning.

When I get home from work unless all of my housework is done, I will not be aloud on the computer, watch TV or any other fun things I like to do.

I forgot one- I am also not allowed on the phone even text while I am eating. He said that if I am caught doing this that he would take my phone for the rest of the day.

He says that he has had it with me neglecting the home and him!



I thought that I should put our rules on here, that when you read a discipline you could see I had actually earned it and just because.

Get up Time 6:30 am

Using un-lady like language

Being Disrespectful

Being Disobedient

Being Dishonest

Speeding, Texting while driving, or running red lights

Having an Attitude/Pouting/Tantrum

All chores must be done

Bed Time 11:00 pm