It’s Been A While!

Hello Everyone,

It has been a while since I last posted, so I thought that I would bring you up to date. Sir and I have been doing well, it was a long February I had a hard time getting my strength back after the flu attack. I am just now starting to feel like myself again, I am back up and making meals, cleaning, and everything else that goes along with being a loving wife.

In the past two days I have gotten myself into trouble.

Friday night I got into trouble for running a red light, we just bought those under the bed restraints and a butt plug (bp). Well he restrained me and I got a paddling that I thought would never end. Then he put the  bp in and I had to sleep with it. Well my anus started to really hurt around 4 in the morning and I asked him if I could please take it out. He said yes go take it out, clean it and then right back to bed you come, I said yes, Sir and did what I was told.

Saturday I had called a friend of mine to see how she was doing, Sir said that I was meddling in other people’s affairs and that he does not like anyone sticking their noses where they do not belong. I had two punishments for this, I have lost my phone for two days and I was spanked with all of his force with every implement that we have. Needless to say I am sitting on a sore bottom today. I hope the rest of the month is not going to go this way.

Love and Blessings,




Feeling Better!!!!

Okay, so I am feeling much better and have managed to stay out of trouble! I am still taking medicine to make sure that I get completely over the flu. Sir is very happy to have me back to my old self again and I must say that I am happy to be back! I am not used to a messy house and when I was sick it was a mess.

Anyway, I hope that you all are well! Have a blessed Sunday!


12 Days!!! And Sick

Sorry that I have not posted in a while. I have been good for 12 straight days. I have also have been doing everything that he asks of me and following all of the rules.

I have never seen him so worried about me or taking care of me! It is nice to be taken care of I have the flu, yesterday he took me to the doctor they told us that I just had an upper respiratory infection. Today I had a temp of 101.9 when he saw that I was getting sicker and not better he said that he was coming home from work and taking me to the hospital, they ran all kinds of tests. I am glad that he made me go, they gave me something there at the hospital that made me feel a little better. Now I just keep blowing my nose and praying that God will take this away quickly.

Talk to you soon and happy blogging!

Good Week!

I had a wonderful week! I have been getting up on time and making breakfast every morning. Dear Sir is very proud of me, I have been doing all of the chores that he has been giving me! I also have had dinner on the table and I have also managed to stay out of trouble since Monday, I have a new energy to just get things done!
It has been so nice to have a happy HOH and I am a lot happier and have more energy!
Happy blogging and no red bottoms today!

Up Early!

I got up early this morning, not that he told me to I just did it. I guess that I did not want a repeat of yesterday. So this morning I got up at 5:00 in stead of 6 so that I would have time to post and get breakfast done before he wakes up. He is going to get up at 6:30,  that way breakfast will be on the table for him.

He is being pretty picky about this one because we have been sleeping in till 8 or 9 and then that leaves no time for us or the house work. I am glad that he is having me get up early and that the rules are back in place. He only does this because he usually has to work late. Which never gives us much time together!

I am praying and hoping that today is alot better than yesterday! Maybe on can get on a good a good streek again. He has also started maintance again once a week. He chooses the day and the time, I may not even know that it is coming until he calls me to our room!

Okay I have to go for now have a wonderful day and for all of you that DD is part of your life please be good today!



Trouble for Who?!

I have not been in trouble again for 5 days! That includes today!!! He is so happy again with me and I am with myself! 

I did have a couple of warnings but nothing major! 

I will keep you all updated!



Under Budget!!

Dear Sir had me go to the grocery store last night. I had my list in hand and knew what I was going in for I had $220 to spend. I went in and did all of my shopping when I came out I called him and said your going to be happy, he said about what? I was under budget by $75! He was so excited he said that makes 8 weeks in a row right, I said yes it does! That is where the conversation ended because he had to go back to work.

This morning he said let’s go out for a while. So after we made the bed (post in Discipline Category) we went out. We ran a couple of small places and then he said, because you have stayed under budget for 8 weeks in a row I am taking you to breakfast! I was so happy and excited! We had a wonderful time and the rest of the day has been really good, now he is at work and I am doing what needs to be done around the house!

Have a good day!