12 Days!!! And Sick

Sorry that I have not posted in a while. I have been good for 12 straight days. I have also have been doing everything that he asks of me and following all of the rules.

I have never seen him so worried about me or taking care of me! It is nice to be taken care of I have the flu, yesterday he took me to the doctor they told us that I just had an upper respiratory infection. Today I had a temp of 101.9 when he saw that I was getting sicker and not better he said that he was coming home from work and taking me to the hospital, they ran all kinds of tests. I am glad that he made me go, they gave me something there at the hospital that made me feel a little better. Now I just keep blowing my nose and praying that God will take this away quickly.

Talk to you soon and happy blogging!


2 thoughts on “12 Days!!! And Sick

  1. Get better! It’s a terrible flu season. I hear you on the feelings that come with being taken care of…it’s pretty wonderful.

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