Getting Up Late/ New Rules

So dh has decided that our rule about bed time and get up on time is back!

My bed time is 10:00p. If I am late going to bed I may have to go to bed early the next night.

My get up time is at 6:00a. This is so I can do some chores, spend time with my husband before we have to be at work, make breakfast for us and talk to you ladies.If I am late getting up it is one swat for each minute that I am late getting out of bed, and I may even have to get up early the next morning.

When I get home from work unless all of my housework is done, I will not be aloud on the computer, watch TV or any other fun things I like to do. 

He says that he has had it with me neglecting the home and him!

Now that you know our rules that have started yesterday. I knew that I they were starting. I did go to bed on time, however yesterday morning I did not get up on time I woke up an hour and a half late. He finally woke up and found out that I was still in bed. He said if you can not get yourself motivated I will help your bottom out of bed.(Mind you my bottom was bare, I usually only ware t-shirts that go to my waste in bed) Smack, get up, Smack, Smack I said get up, really hard SMACK SMACK last time and I will get the paddle! Do not make me get out of this bed. I got up and started getting dressed for work. He said come here. I knew I was going to get it just by the sound and tone of his voice he said bring the hair brush. I did what I was told. I went over his knee pants came down he warmed up my bottom and then gave me 30 with the brush. He says that I have 60 coming with the paddle to night. He has not said if I have to get up earlier tomorrow!

Have a great day!


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