Punished After Arguement!

This morning Dear Sir and I changed the sheets on our bed. We had gotten it all put back together and I wanted to put a blanket on the bed so that if I wanted to take a nap in the afternoon I could cover up with it instead of unmaking the bed and getting it all messed up.

Well I wanted to fold the blanket so that I could just pull it up and be done with it. He had no idea how I wanted it folded and I starting getting angry I showed him three times how I wanted to fold it and we still could not get it right. Now mind you that I was trying to help so that it would work for me. I said you’re not doing it right and then the argument started. The next thing I know over the bed I went, butt in the air and very, very hard spanks with his hand were coming down on my bottom. When I thought that he was done, OH NO down go my pants, he landed about 30 with his hand on my bare bottom. OUCH I cried, I am sorry! He said this will teach you not to argue with me and you will have to write 50 lines that say “I will not argue with Dear Sir over anything.” 

This is the first time that I have argued with him since we started using DD. I will not do that again at least for another 10 months. I believe that is the reason that he did not use an implement and only gave me 50 lines instead of 150.






3 thoughts on “Punished After Arguement!

  1. I don’t know what you said in the argument, but you just wanted the blanket fixed so that it would be usable to you. A spanking seems a little harsh for something so simple, but like I said I wasn’t there. A spanking and lines, wow. He is a tough taskmaster.

    • Thank you for your comment Sunny Girl!
      I kept arguing with him even after he told me to calm down and yes, he can be a tough hoh! But it was the first time in 10 months that we argued about something and something that small. I should have just let it go.

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