Back Talking and Using BIG NO,NO Words

It started last night I have been back talking, being disrespectful, and using words that are not to be used in this house. Anyway Dear Sir finally had enough of it last night, he grabbed the flyswater and went to town on my bottom. I slapped him wrong thing to do, he just spanked harder and harder and I turned and looked at him and said something that I totally regret and do not ever want to say again I am not sure where it even came from. But he told me if I ever say any of the four letter words again that he would spank me and wash my mouth out. I really do not want that to happen!

I am sorry that I was giving him such a hard way to go. I know better than to talk back and to use bad words in our home. But I turned around and did the same thing this morning, without the bad words. This time he took a spatula to my bottom I cried it hurt so bad. I was still hurting from last night I really did not need any more this morning.

Needless to say I have been very good the rest of the day. I have not even had an attitude!

Okay, that all I have for now.

Happy blogging



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