Days 5 & 6

Okay, so I made it through day five with only a couple of warnings. That was good, but I could have done better. Well we live in learn! I am glad to get a second chance!

I’m almost through day 6 has not been an easy day. But the day is almost done, Sir is still at work and I am doing good! I got all kinds of things done today, like putting the tree up the rest of the way or almost anyway (I ran out of lights). Sir says that we will get more. I am so happy that I have made it this far.

He did give me a maintenance spanking this morning just to keep me on track throughout the day. Which really seem to help, sometimes I do not think that he realizes how much it helps. But it gives me a release from the things that are going on around me that I can or can not control. That is what I love about CDD and that man of mine!


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