A little trouble!

Okay so by now you should have figured out that I am a disciplined wife, well yesterday I was good for almost the whole day until Sir had asked me to take care of our animals. I was too busy talking to my friends and not paying him any attention, he did not give me a warning like if I have to ask you one more time, I would have got up right away and done it! I stead the second time he said I asked you to do something now get up and do it, in that tone they use when you know they mean business. After I did what I was told he said come here I did and OTK I went, pants up this time and he used his hand. When he was done he told me then that I could go back to talking with my friends but the next time that he told me to do something I had better do it!

Yes, he is strict with me but that is how he has to be. I don’t see it as being that strict anyway, I know what the boundaries are and what I need to do on a daily basis. Yesterday the animals just happen to be on my list and I forgot about having them.




3 thoughts on “A little trouble!

  1. Boundaries and respect for those boundaries are vital in a healthy marriage. Of course, the respect has to flow in both directions. The husband must respect his rules enough to back them up with a spanking, if necessary. The wife must respect the rules enough to actually obey them. I guess it’s all about working together, isn’t it? Thanks for sharing your experience.

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