Attitude = Strap, Bath brush, and Hand

Sunday morning I woke up with an attitude not sure why but I did. He said come here, so I did as I was told and went over to his side of the bed. He asked me what was wrong this morning, I said I don’t know I just want to be left alone (in a tone). He said I will leave you alone alright OTK I went he gave me about 20 hard swats with his hand. That really did not do anything but make me have a worse attitude. He was going to leave for a little while and I had better be dressed for church by the time that he got back and that I was to leave my attitude behind. I told him that I would get dressed, as for my attitude I was trying to leave it but it must have followed me (lol)!  Because when he got home I still had the attitude and right over I went bare bottom exposed the bath brush landing on my bottom. Dh said, “I, smack, am, smack, done, smack, with, smack, your attitude, smack, smack, smack, you are to stop this right now, smack, smack, smack, now go get into the corner and when you come back out you are going to get more because I am not done with you”.   Well I went to the corner with a red bare bottom, after about 10 minutes he said come here with that authoritative voice I said yes, Sir. He said, now are you done with the attitude so that we can get going to church? I said, yes Sir! He told me to pull myself together that we would be leaving in 15 minutes to go to church.

I was really good all during service and had no problems with my attitude!

Until we got home and here it came again. He asked me if I wanted a spanking like I got this morning, I said, No, Sir. He then said well than cool it. I did not take the warning, here I go again only this time over the bed with the strap bare bottomed. I think I received about 40 with that thing. OUCH! I cried he said you have been like this all day and I am not sure what is wrong with you but I for one have had enough! Then he went to work and I felt very sad, because we had no reconnect.

I know that I should not have had an attitude or been disrespectful, but I was and that made me feel bad. I called and apologized for being that way to him and that I did not mean to have an attitude. He forgave me and we both felt better. I was in bed when he got home.




2 thoughts on “Attitude = Strap, Bath brush, and Hand

  1. Yikes! Sounds like a long day for you. I have days like that, I wake up with an attitude and have no idea where it came from or when it will leave! lol but…I’m like you, I usually end up with a red bottom.

    Good luck with the attitude girl! 🙂

  2. Your husband responds quickly to the little things, and that is a good thing (although it may not feel that way to your burning bottom). It’s far better to get a lighter spanking that deals with a small problem, than to endure an intense punishment later (after a lot of hurtful things have been allowed to happen).

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