Very Busy!

With all of the hustel and bustel of the Christmas season. I have been so busy, dh has been giving me all kinds of chores to do around the house on top of my regular chores that I have to do everyday. He is in panic mode, this year it’s nice for a change and I am loving it!! I just do what he asks of me and go on, sure that does not mean that I don’t get a red bottom from time to time but it can be worth it if I am not the one the is stressed out (you can read about punishments in the discipline category). We are expecting 8-9 for Christmas that includes the ones that already live here.

I spent most of the day shopping on Saturday as I am sure that a lot of us did. So I have been baking, cooking, wrapping, and spending a lot of time with family. I love of the lights of the Christmas season so I have been putting up all of the decorations and singing lots of songs while I am working on things.

Sunday was church day dh and I try to go on a regular basis, sometimes we do not get there if one of us is sick but for the most part we do go. We love our preacher and his family. I am involved in several things at the church and dh is getting there. Usually we do not make it to evening services or Wednesday night services because we both work. I would love to go to those too! One of our rules is that we do not miss church unless one of us is running a fever.

That is all I have for now!

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah!


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